Welcome to PyBossa’s documentation

PyBossa is an open source platform for crowd-sourcing online (volunteer) assistance to perform tasks that require human cognition, knowledge or intelligence (e.g. image classification, transcription, information location etc).

PyBossa was inspired by the BOSSA crowdsourcing engine but is written in python (hence the name!). It can be used for any distributed tasks project but was initially developed to help scientists and other researchers crowd-source human problem-solving skills!

The documentation is organized as follows:


The latest version of PyBossa is 0.2.2 and has several changes regarding how the web service caches domain objects. If you are running a previous version, please, be sure to read how to install Redis software and configure two instances of it:

For more information, check Installing Redis.


  • v0.2.3
  • [v0.2.2] Internal refactoring. Include RQ for asynchronous and scheduled tasks.
  • [v0.2.1] New Rate Limiting for all the API endpoints
  • [v0.2.0] New CACHE system using Redis Master-Slave infrastructure

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